A vs B: Wedding Rings in Flowers

While editing wedding photos from Sandy and Ellen’s ceremony, I am a bit stuck on which one of these wedding rings I like better. Both have their qualities, but I’d like some comments about which you like better.

The difficult part was to get the rings to show the colors. They had to be almost perfectly face on for the camera to capture the colors in the stones. Most did not come out, but these two work really well.

A: Among the Purple –

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography - The wedding of Ellen and Sandy at their home in Sedro-Woolley, Wash.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography – Ellen and Sandy’s wedding rings resting on a flower.

The only flaw I find with the above photo is that the pair of rings sort of resemble sunglasses. But other than that, I think it works nicely.

For the ring photos, I used my Nikkor 55mm f.2.8 Macro on my Nikon D300s with the white balance set on manual to Daylight, ISO of 400 as it was cloudy, the shutter at 1/250th, and the lens aperture at f/8 to add a little depth of field.

B: In the Lily –

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography - The wedding of Ellen and Sandy at their home in Sedro-Woolley, Wash.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography – The rings in a Lily.

What I like about this image is that the flower sort of resembles a heart. When presented with this opportunity again, I think I’ll unfold the flower a touch to get a more “heat-shaped” feel to it.

Which photo is your favorite? And why? Answer in the comments section.

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Paul Conrad is an award-winning, nationally and internationally published freelance editorial photographer living in Bellingham north of Seattle, WA, in the Pacific Northwest. His work has been published in newspapers and magazine throughout the United States and in Europe. He is available for assignments anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

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His specialty is photojournalism covering news, sports, and editorial portraits, he also is skilled in family portraiture, high school senior portraits, and weddings.

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