Sneak Peak: Ellen and Sandy Dance on Their Wedding Day

On Saturday July 25th, just a month past the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage throughout the country, I had the pleasure of capturing true love. Sand and Ellen were married after knowing each other for over 30 years. It was a small intimate wedding and informal wedding. But beautiful none-the-less.

Pure Love:

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography - Ellen and Sandy sing to each other as they dance during their reception at their home in Sedro-Woolley, Wash.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography – Ellen and Sandy sing to each other as they dance during their reception at their home.

The light was beautiful during the ceremony and as it became later in the evening, the videographer, Michael Dyrland of Dyrland Productions, lit the area with two bright video lights. I stayed in front and to the side as I captured the guests dancing. But soon, I decided to go to the back as I liked the effects of the video lighting: they created a nice rim and back lighting effect.

It added drama without being overbearing. Plus as people danced, their faces were being lit by the lights. As I moved to the back to shoot towards the lights, Sandy and Ellen began to dance to a slow song. While they were dancing, I noticed how the video lights lit their faces, created rim lighting on their matching hats, and how bright sky filled in the shadows.

But, the moment lasted only 6 frames. As Sandy reached up and cupped Ellen’s face in her hands while singing, I was able to fire off a few frames before a guest came up and began dancing between them. The moment was gone.

I wish it was a touch more symmetrical, but I’ll take this photo.

As I downloaded the images, this frame stuck to my mind like spaghetti on a wall. I knew it was good, but I needed to know if it was truly sharp.

They couple wanted to talk to me due to my “photojournalistic eye and style” they said during the interview. I’m pretty certain they were interviewing me, not vise-verse. Within a few minutes of meeting with them, we forgot about photography and began telling stories of our lives. A 15 minute meeting turned into an hour or so of laughing. It was a great time.

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