At The Market: Blueberries For Sale

Recently went to Skagit County south of Bellingham for a drive around the daffodil and tulip fields.

My wife Heidi wanted to stop at our favorite Farmers Market. While she was buying some fresh veggies, I walked around and shot. This is one of those from that day.

Blue For You

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography - Blueberries lit by the open sky at a farmers market in Skagit County.

A simple shot using just the daylight coming in from the top. Took a few exposures and the underexposed one seemed to have more saturated color. Brought it into Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw to set the white balance, exposure (minimal change), and contrast.

Once in PS, I duplicated the layer, and then used High Pass Filter to sharpen (more on this technique this week). Those layers then merged then a new duplicate layer added so I can clone out a dust spot. A curve adjustment layer used to add a touch more contrast as the shadow areas were too bright.

While driving around, we noticed the daffodils were in bloom, but not the tulips. Those are coming up here shortly. Here’s what they normally look like: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips.

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Paul “pablo” Conrad

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