Culling Photos: Five Tips to Choose Your Best Images

A very good read on helping you narrow down your photos to help you make a more intelligent choice on what your “best” image is.

Photofocus (old site)

Editor’s Note: We are please to welcome Lisa Robinson to the Photofocus team.  She is a professional photographer from Washington, D.C.

Whatever your discipline of photography, there’s one skill that is crucial to catapulting your success: culling. That boring, obnoxious task of sifting through all the good, the bad, and the downright ugly in order to finally surface with a body of work worth looking at (or showing to the client).

Why Cull Images?

Include too few photos and your clients feel gypped and they scoot out the door with the bare minimum purchase. Include too many photos and your clients are so overwhelmed they’re incapable of discerning the images they love from the images they like in order to complete a purchase. Either way, you’re ending up not earning as much as you should.

It sounds like it should be a simple enough task, but looks can be deceiving. All…

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