© Paul Conrad/ Pablo Conrad Photography The Twin Sisters over Bellingham, Wash., as the setting Sun ignites them and is reflected off windows.

Setting Sun Ignites Windows and Snow Capped Peaks

Happy Easter Everyone!!

I don’t have a photo of a bunny or easter eggs, but here’s a really recent shot of the Twin Sisters over Bellingham, Wash., during sunset as the light reflects off windows in town and bathes the snow-capped peaks of the Northern Cascade Mountains.

You neve know what you’re going to get when you go out to shoot sunset, but you should always be prepared.
© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography - The setting Sun glints off windows and street signs in Bellingham, Wash., as it bathes the snow capped peaks of The Twin Sisters of the Cascade Mountain range in its last rays.

It was one of the first clear days we’ve had here in the Pacific Northwest in awhile. So I head out west of Bellingham, Wash., to Lummi Shore Drive to attempt to capture the alpenglow on Mt. Baker.

But as the sun began to set, the clouds rolled in and obscured Mt. Baker. During the sunset, the clouds west parted enough to let the light shine upon the Twin Sisters Peaks east of Bellingham.

While doing so, there was enough of a gap in the clouds to let the sunlight through to Bellingham. The sun reflected off the windows of homes and businesses, as well as stop signs on the streets.

I did not expect this photo. But it is quite the pleasant surprise.

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Have a great day everyone!!!

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