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2011: A Look Back- A Selection of My Best Images

For my second to the last post of the year 2011, I give you my best images from 2011.

Many of you may be asking why I haven’t blogged for awhile and why I haven’t posted any images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s simple, I’ve been undergoing some soul searching, major website redesign and gallery reorganization, business planning, goal setting, and a big move to Bellingham with my fiancé Heidi.

I have been out and about documenting this wonderful world we live in, but I also needed a breather from the daily tweets, blog updates, my Facebook page (which I will move all my photo related stuff to G+), and generally the internet.

2011 was a pretty good year for me photographically speaking. I’m not talking business wise, just visually. I tried new things, used more lenses, attempted my hand at HDR, shot for Black & White, and began pursuing more portrait photography.

Enjoy the slide show.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. All comments are appreciated.

Paul “pablo” Conrad

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