© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography

A Photoshoot with Andrea at Priest Point in Tulalip, Wash.

We only had 20 minutes.

For the past week, we’ve been trying to meet so I could shoot her senior portraits, but the weather here in the Pacific Northwest was being its usual self: uncooperative.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography

Andrea hams it up at the end of our photo shoot.

Andrea and I originally have been aiming to shoot them in the morning  at Gas Works Park in Seattle to get the nice light and the skyline. During the times we’ve scheduled, the clouds were thick and heavy. No bueno.

Andrea did not want the typical studio stuff. She wanted a more edgy, untraditional feel to her portraits. The reason her mother, Dorothy, hired me. And she was impressed with my new Moo business cards.

So her mom Dorothy wanted at least to get a few head shots for her graduation announcement. As it was supposed to be sunny yesterday afternoon, I asked them to stop by so we can go to the pier just down the road from my house.

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The piers at Priest Point in Tulalip, Wash., are old and the pylons from the bygone days of shipping are still visible, yet slowly disappearing like tears in rain. Not the rusty iron/industrial Andrea wanted, but she like the idea.

We got to the pier and you could tell by the dark skies to the west, rain was coming. Another “no bueno” situation.

I had her walk to the end of the pier and posed her a few times using my telephoto (80-200 f/2.8) at an aperture of f/4. I like the shallow depth of field as it blurs the background, but not enough get it completely blurred.

The clouds and distant Cascade Mountains really added a sense of place to the images.

Working quick, I shot from the pier and then walked into the mudflats up to my ankles and shot her with just the sky. Not bad for having to work so quickly.

The puffy white clouds really added a sense of height that I liked and made her look like she was in the clouds.

We still are going to Gas Works to finish her set. Hopefully in the next week or so, unless the weather continues to be stubborn.

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Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography

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  1. Wonderful shots as usual, Pablo. The starkness of the pier makes a great counterpoint to Andrea’s beauty.



    1. Thanks Bronson.

      Sometimes the weather here just doesn’t cooperate. But she had to get some for her graduation announcements so we went to the pier and just worked well together.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Thanks for visiting Melissa.

      I loved the clouds and really wanted something with the and her. She was a trooper to go out to the end of the pier and sit.

      Just to let you know, I have shot many a photo from this pier, and just sat on it a few times so I know it is sturdy.

      Take care Melissa.


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