My New Moo Business Cards for My New Branding

A few days ago I received my new business cards. Hooray for new cards!

After a new branding effort and changing my business name a few months ago, I had to get new cards. Going from Sky Fire Photography to Pablo Conrad Photography made a lot of sense to me. Read more here: Out with the old, in with the new – From “Sky Fire” to the Real Me, It’s Time to Brand Myself.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography

My recently arrived Moo Cards and the cool box they came in.

People know me as Pablo. It’s a nickname I’ve had for well over a decade. My friends in college began the nickname as I was a Spanish minor. In fact, I’ve had a few calls looking for Pablo Conrad.

So to go with the flow, I changed my branding to reflect that. And of course it became very redundant always answering the question “What is Sky Fire?”

After a Seattle Smug Mug Users Group (Seattle SMUG) meet-up in March, I decided to get business cards. I liked the flexibility of having cards with different images.

This is great as you can send out cards with more documentary images to editors of newspapers and newsmagazines. And for those photo editors or contacts that deal with landscapes, architecture, or sports, you have images for those.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography

If you’re undecided, you can give them 4 or 5 and mix them up. It really makes sense to me.

With the change of name I had to construct/design a new logo (well almost) and then design new business cards. Not really that hard if you ask me.

It allowed me to add some new technology in order to slip into the smartphone market. I designed a QR code so you can scan my information directly into the phone and save as a new contact. This is handy for the case where I have only one card but want to give your information to several people.

The hardest part was editing images for the cards. After about 2 weeks of editing, I ended up with about 100 images I liked. I saved these and then edited down some more for the first batch.

© Heidi Rae Melcher

Me and my Moo cards. Photo © Heidi Rae Melcher

Some images I would like to use will have to scanned as they’re on film. A photo of a man and woman harvesting tobacco, a portrait of a little girl fighting Leukemia, and the reaction of a girl who lost the Kentucky State 4A basketball final.

As I am not a fan of the Moo Mini Cards, as they’re too tiny for what I need, I opted for their standard size cards. But the problem I ran into was they are not the 2:3 ratio equivalent to a standard digital sensor or film frame.

I’m a full frame shooter and this meant I would lose some of the image. This was not good as some images would lose important parts. In one, I would lose the main subject altogether.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photograhy

Billy Ray and Nellie Cardwell harvest tobacco at a farm in Bowling Green, Ky. This is one image I need to have a hi-res scan made.

To overcome this, I simply sized down the image, created and white border, then extended the black canvas to the size of the card. This just a matter of taking a few moments with their downloadable template to figure out the size.

It also matches how the images look on my website, blog, and my face book page. An overall conglomeration of my brand.

Now to hand these suckers out to editors and get some cash rolling in, or at least get my name out more into the region..

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Paul Conrad

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Trudy.

      I was impressed when I unboxed them. They did a good job with the colors and printing.

      I’m definitely sticking with Moo for my cards, flyers, and what not.

      thanks again!


    1. Hi Sierra

      Thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting.

      Wasn’t and am not a fan of the mini-cards. Too small and they have a weird ratio. Too much cropping involved. It would be hard for me to get my basic info and my QR code on them.

      Plus, I shoot full frame so cropping them would be painful. They’d lose too much information and would lose impact, not just because of the crop, but of their tiny size.

      The colors are fantastic and so is the overall quality of the printing. Great product.

      Thanks again.


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