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This Week’s Project: A Facebook Fan Page & How It Exposed My Imperfection

Well, I went ahead and did it. But don’t blame me, I’m not the first one.

This week, I decided to give it a try. I started a Facebook Fan Page.

"This is so much fun," yells Amarose Gamache, 81, right as he Winifred "Winnie" Elliott, 87, react to the wind in their hair while riding up Castle Creek Road in a 1934 Ford Model T outside Aspen, Colo. "In 1939 I went to an auction at Sam Reed's farm with only $5.30 in my pocket," remembers Gamache, "I paid $5 for a 1919 Model T and 30 cents for a horse drawn sleigh. We used an old mare from WW1 with "USC" stamped on her ass. She was from the Army's cavalry."

To be honest, I never liked the “like” button. I think it is similar to an insecurity button or egomaniacal way of getting attention. I’ve always believed if you are good, your work will stand out on its own.

Also, having to monitor another social networking item seems tedious, and sometimes, just plain overwhelming.

So getting something like a Facebook page is a little out of my comfort zone. But I think I have a plan.

As they world of photography is changing, it made sense in many ways, so I’ll highlight a few.

  • I can take my Twitter stream out from my personal page to my fan page. This is important as I get comments like: “WTF are all the “@” symbols for?”
  • Post photos to keep people informed of ongoing projects.
  • Link to my website, print sales, and blog for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • It’s another way to let people know of my blog postings. As everyone knows, I like to ramble.
  • Ask questions and give answers. What a better way to have a discussion.

So the benefits of having a page outweigh the reason not to. It just makes sense in today’s world to keep yourself ahead of the others.

To top it off, I’ve already had a nice discussion over the identity of a professional ski racer I shot during a slalom run on Aspen Mountain during the 2007 Aspen Winternational FIS World Cup giant slalom.

© Paul Conrad/Pablo Conrad Photography

Lindsey Vonn of Vail, Colo., runs a gate at the top of 5th Avenue during her first run Sunday morning Dec. 9, 2007, at the Aspen Winternational FIS World Cup on Aspen Mountain.

The downside to having everything instantly available is that you can be proven wrong rather quickly.

When I posted the above photo in my Winter Images category, I originally tagged the skier as Julia Mancuso. The skier is, in fact, U.S. Ski Team member Lindsey Vonn.

However, one respondent Riccardo Mori pointed out:

Sorry Pablo, this is Lindsey Vonn. You can see by many things: by her face (!), by the “Redbull” helmet and by the bib. Both Julia and Lindsey used Rossignol skis in that period. Go on the Fis site and see: for that race (09.12.2007) Lindsey had bib number 18 (as the skier in the pic) and finished at 27th place and Julia number 17, finishing, as you wrote, in 19th place with Niki Hosp winner. But, I’m sorry Pablo, this is Lindsey, there’s no doubt…

So just to double-check, I searched on The Aspen Times‘  website and found an article with this photo and the correct caption information. I then remembered, I juxtaposed the information of bibs 18 (Lindsey Vonn) and 17 (Julia Mancuso). The race information sheets are in fine print, so not so hard to do.

Add to that the insane deadlines we were dealing with and you can see how easy it can be to make a mistake. It happens in journalism.

The sports editor Nate Peterson caught the mistake and corrected it for the print edition. I remember seeing the photo the next day with the corrected caption and he said he caught it before the page was finalized. It was the A1 lead photo for the day. I am rather grateful he caught it.

I also went to the FIS site to correspond Riccardo statements: 2007 Aspen Winternational

One can’t be perfect all the time. I’m only human. I think.

So please join my page for some photographic insights and fun: Pablo Conrad Photography on Facebook

Thanks for stopping by

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography


  1. As someone who juggles two Facebook pages and two Twitter accounts, I can relate!!! Life was a lot easier when we were excited over remotes *with* wires! 🙂 Now off to ‘like’ a page.


    1. Thanks Traci.

      With FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and others, It does get a bit overwhelming and tedious.

      I’m trying to incorporate everything into 1 or 2 places so it’s easy.

      Glad to see you stopping by.


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