A Day at the Boardwalk in Bellingham, Wash.

It’s been a somewhat busy week.

Bicyclist, joggers, and walkers traverse the boardwalk over Bellingham Bay at Boardwalk Park in Bellingham, Wash.

My girlfriend and I are making a slow move up to Bellingham north of Seattle. During the day while she works, I’m looking for an apartment and trying to get a few minutes in as well to shoot some photos.

Bicyclist are silhouetted against Bellingham Bay as a sailboat cruises atop the waves.

The other day I made my way down to Boardwalk Park along the waterfront of Bellingham Bay. It was on a rare sunny day. It’s not that I don’t mind the rain, it’s that people don’t come out that much during inclement weather.

Dogs and their walkers, joggers, and bikers enjoy a sunny day at Boardwalk Park in Bellingham, Wash.

With the rarity of a nice day like Saturday, the people were out in hordes. The park was filled. bikers, joggers, people just out watching the sailboats.

So with camera in hand, I explored the extensive park. And here are some images I captured.

It doesn’t have to be newsworthy to shoot it. I just believe that you should be out with your camera at least once per day, I think this is a good example.

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Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography

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