Out For The Day: A Trio of Images

Just a quick posting of some images from Mulkiteo Lighthouse and Golden Gardens Park in Seattle.

My girlfriend Heidi and I were off for the day so we drove down to Mulkiteo Beach to just walk around in the surf and enjoy a somewhat sunny day. The sky was clear except for a few distant puffy clouds and the daffodils still in bloom.

Daffodils and the Mulkiteo Lighthouse stand in stark contrast against a deep blue sky. Using a Polarizing filter helped deepen and enrich the blue of the sky.

I tossed on my 17-35 f/2.8 with a circular polarizing filter and laid down on the ground to get a low angle. The deep blue made the yellow of the flowers, and the white of the lighthouse stand out in stark contrast to the deep blue sky. A rare thing in the Pacific Northwest.

We then went to Golden Gardens Park where one could see the Olympic Mountain Range. It’s rare to see across Puget Sound and view the mountains on the other side.

The Olympic Mountains as seen across the Puget Sound from Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, Wash.

While walking around the park along the shore, I noticed a white barnacle encrusted rock amidst green algae and seaweed covered rocks. My first thought was cool. But then a revelation hit me.

This was an opportunity to create a nice, stark black and white image I thought. The white against the green didn’t excite me, however, I thought about how the white was stark against the dark. And voilá!

The white of the barnacle stood in stark contrast to the green. But I like the B&W version better as it says more to me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography


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