Foto del Dia: The Glowing Bricks

Today was a great day.

The sun lights the wet brick of an apartment building on Capitol Hill in Seattle

The passing rain left everything with a sheen. Then the sun parted and began to bathe the city of Seattle with its warm glow.

As I walked around, I notice the light of the setting sun bouncing off the wet bricks of an apartment building on Capitol Hill. It was pretty cool looking.

The setting sun light the wet bricks of an apartment building on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

The contrast was spectacular. Behind was the Seattle icon the Space Needle. It was pretty cool looking.

Unfortunately, from where I was at the time, the Space Needle was behind some trees. As I approached the apartment building, I could see that I could find a break in the trees.

While kneeling, I was able to frame the needle through the trees. I like this composition and the light.

So I began shooting and using the Sunny 16 rule. My in-camera meter was telling me one thing, and my brain another. So I exposed for the highlights using the Sunny 16 rule.

The light coming of the bricks was dramatic , I like the silhouette of the Space Needle, and I like how the tree framed it. It was a nice frame.

Upon beginning my edit, I couldn’t figure out what I like better, the vertical or the horizontal. Both good, but each has its strong point.

So I leave up to you which one is better. Please write in the comments which one you like best.

Thanks for reading

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography


  1. my vote as you know is the first one, the horizontal i love the light and there is nothing to take your eyes from it . also i love the stark unrealness ( yes i made up a word lol ) of the tree limbs and the close framing around the needle


  2. I like the horizontal one better only because the clouds aren’t so distracting around the needle. I think they are both beautiful. So, what is the Sunny 16 rule?


  3. Hi Paul,

    I like the horizontal one better. It follows the rule of thirds a bit more and to me is more interesting overall. Either way, great image! Just goes to show how much of a difference composition makes.


    1. Thanks Graham. I like the horizontal as well as I think it just reads better, is cleaner, and has a better feel.

      Have you read my blog on my Neumo’s shoot? Fun stuff.


  4. I should have left a comment when I voted. *doh*! I like the horizontal one as my eye travels round the central aspects of the photo rather than getting drawn down to the watermark. I also like the lacy-ness of the branch with the contrast of bronze/old and the needle. Kind of romantic feeling. ❤


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