Foto del Dia: The Woman With The Red Umbrella

The Woman with the Red Umbrellawalks towards the Seattle Ferry terminal.

When my girlfriend Heidi and I were walking around downtown, I saw this woman with a red umbrella walking on the overpass towards the ferry terminal. It was a gray day with a slight drizzle so the umbrella stood out.

A woman with a red umbrella walks along the pedestrian bridge to the Seattle ferry terminal.

Using a telephoto to try to compress the people on the bridge, I photographed her as she approached me. Then switched to a wide angle to get her as she walked by and as she was under the Alaska Way viaduct, I saw how nice her silhouette would be so I switched back to a telephoto.

It was a pretty cool scene watching her walk with her umbrella. Peaceful, actually.

The rain softly falling on my face as I looked into the sky. The cool chill as the breeze lightly blew down my neck. The din of the city filled my ears.

The clicking of heels as the people walked by go to and fro about their business. Not minding that they were being observed and photographed.

As the lady with the red umbrella slipped into obscurity, the hustle and bustle of the city flowed over me. The moment faded into time like tears in the rain.

My attention was averted back to reality as a distant honking woke my conscience.

I looked into the sky to feel the soft rain dance upon my face, held my girlfriend’s hand, and walked back towards the waterfront, in a strange sense of peace.

The woman with the red umbrella slips under the Alaska Way viaduct on her way to the ferry terminial in Seattle.

Thanks for reading.

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography

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