Foto del Dia: Looking Up and Thinking of Time

One of the many things I like to tell others is to constantly look around you for photo opportunities. You never know what you’ll see.

Refections off the ceiling above the gift shop counter at the EMP/SFM

When Heidi and I went to the Science Fiction Museum to see the Battlestar Galactica exhibition, we stopped by the gift shop to see if we could find any Cylon models.

While waiting in line, I looked up. To my surprise there was a very cool reflection off the chrome above the counter. So I stepped back and shot it. Sometimes, you just have to shoot something on impulse.

Cars zoom along the Alaska Way viaduct in downtown Seattle.

While in Victor Steinbrueck Park viewing the traffic passing by below us on the Alaska Way viaduct, I noticed to the south towards Qwest and Safeco Fields how the traffic on the viaduct was zooming by the quiet streets below. I also noticed how the south bound section slid under northbound lanes.

But, rather than take a static shot of the traffic, I wanted to accentuate the passing of time by using a long shutter speed. This way, the cars on the viaduct were streaked and the cars on the side streets remained sharp.

Without a tripod this would be difficult. But, I believe there is a way to steady your camera without one. So I placed my camera with my 80-200 against a pole, and the tripod collar on a post. This allowed me really good stability, therefore, longer shutter speeds. I just had to hold my breath for a bit of time.

As the rain dapples my hat with dew, I made some exposures at various shutter speeds and their corresponding apertures. I was reasonably pleased with the images I captured.

Thanks for reading.

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography

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