Catching up my Foto del Dia: Part 2, Images of Seattle

The city of Seattle reflected in a puddle on Pier 63 at the waterfront.

When my girlfriend Heidi came here for a visit, we went down town to visit some of her favorite places.

She loves walking on the water front so we did and as we passed Pier 63, I noticed the water puddles left by a passing rainstorm. Because their was very little wind, the puddles were mirror smooth.

To get this image, I knelt down and placed my camera onto the boards with the camera’s bottom was just barely in the water. My exposure was for the sky and white balance for daylight. Manual mode.

Feeding the gulls at Ivar's.

I’ve always liked how the lines of Ivar’s draw your eye to the ferries as they left, or arrived, the Seattle terminal. During lunch there, I went out to feed the gulls. I liked how the one on the right just watched as others swooped in to snatch the fries.

The Seattle skyline as seen from the top of the Space Needle.

For the sky line shot, Heidi and I were atop the Space Needle in a rainstorm. As the rain pelted down, I believe my shutter was at 8 seconds and aperture set at f/5.6. But don’t quote me. For some strange reason, my camera doesn’t record shutter speed. Weird.

Thanks for stopping by.

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography


  1. i have to say these 3 shots are my favs of our trip .. the space needle should be on a calender or poster .. its so beautiful .. i also love the photography lesson you give in the blog thanks Pablo
    p.s i love you !


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