A Blizzard, A Grove, and Windmills Near a Cove

I tweeted many of these photos, but here they are in my blog. Thanks for visiting and enjoy.




I-80 disappears into the night as the sun sets behind distant peaks.

Leaving Colorado was a breeze, but then it turned into a blizzard.

The driver lost sight of the road and drove into the median just before the bridge.

As my girlfriend Heidi and I traveled along Interstate 80 westbound in southern Wyoming, the breeze that gently ruffled the leaves on the trees in Colorado became a blizzard blinding us with snow.

A graveyard of sorts for the victims of icy roads in southern Wyoming.

More accurately, a ground blizzard as the snow that was blowing across the interstate was just drifting across.

The whipping wind blows snow across Interstate 80 in southern Wyoming.

With such wonderful road conditions, I drove slow so I could enjoy the blinding snow, bitter wind, and buffeting gusts.

Photo of the conditions I was driving in by my girlfriend Heidi. It was so bad at one point, we were at a driving nearly blind.

As if to crown the end of the first day of our great journey, the sunset exploded before us in a display of beauty shaded in glorious red. See the first photo.

At first to take advantage of the light, we quickly stopped on the side to capture a few frames before the sun faded to black.

A tree farm along I-84 in northern Oregon along the Columbia River.

As we rounded a curve, there before us was a straight shot that headed due west. A better composition to make a better shot.

Traveling along as night progressed in Utah, we approached these strange red lights in perfect synch. They flashed on an off at the same exact time. It wasn’t until we we’re directly below them we realized they were power windmills. Several dozen lined up along the interstate.

The sun sets behin

The sun sets behind windmills along a ridge near Biggs Junction, Ore.

When the dawn broke the next day, we were in western Idaho.  Stopping in Boise for cup of coffee and full tank of gas. We then made our way into eastern Oregon. Not much to report here but rolling hills. Pretty boring. Had we more time, I’m sure there could’ve been more photo ops.

However, we did stop in Baker City, Ore.,  for breakfast at Sumpter Junction Restaurant and see a cool model train set at the eatery. And the town had a nice Dutch windmill.

I slowed down a couple of times so Heidi could stop and photograph some old building, mines, and abandoned factories. Cool stuff. But as time was getting short, we had to move along.

One odd thing I’ve noticed in this region is the abundance of tree farms. They’ve always looked

Windmills on a ridge along I-84 and the Columbia River.

The last photos we took were Biggs Junction, Ore. There were dozens of windmills along the ridges overlooking the Columbia River. We stopped to spend some time photographing them.

Now only to wait until Heidi moves here to Washington permanently.


  1. I-80 is the worst, it’s paved in ice. You an’t convince me otherwise. I literally called my parents to tell them if something happened to us, they need to take care of our children.

    Cool shots!


  2. the memories of this trip will last me a lifetime .. the photos you captured are breathtaking and tell such a story .. everyone gets to experience the beauty we got to see… thank you for documenting our trip in such an amazing way


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