Foto del Dia 25/365 Down at the Lake

I’m a little behind on the postings, so today I’m catching up.

Tuesday evening I went to Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colo. It was just after the sun went behind the Rockies, so it was fairly dark.

The sky was well lit, but as there were no clouds, there as a horrible blue cast on everything.

While I was there, I watched as a woman fed the geese despite the multitude of signs stating to not feed the ducks or geese. She had several buckets of breads and seeds. As she walked around, the flocks just flew in and surrounded her. Fun photos for sure, but the light was horrendous.

A Canada goose flies in to grab some goodies.

Feeding the geese.

Walking the Dog

Thank you for viewing.

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photograpy

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