Foto del Dia 22/365 A Scooter, A Trike, A Board

The other night my girlfriend Heidi and I went to a pedestrian bridge over Interstate 25 to shoot the traffic flowing by downtown. What I notice about my the bridge is that it was wrapped in chain link fencing and looked pretty cool. So I wrote it down in my “idea log” and shot the traffic at night.

Jacob, left, his brother Levi and their dad Joshua, crest the top of the pedestrian bridge over Interstate 25 as they go towards Monument Valley Park

Today was sorta a bust and so I dipped in my ideas bank and pulled the bridge out of the hat. I figured with some nice side lighting it should look pretty cool. The chain link was black and vinyl covered. From experience I knew the sunlight would create bright highlights.

As the bridge was wrapped in this cage, it created a cool square tunnel effect. It also has a nice hump to it so I can get down and use it to further block out any distracting background.

As I waited, which really wasn’t long, I pre-composed my shot. I wanted to use the edges of the square as leading lines to draw the viewer to the subject. But as with all planing, something goes awry.

But that’s photojournalism.

Joshua, right, keeps an eye on his son Jacob, left, as Levi watches the traffic from the crest of the pedestrian bridge.

Joshua and his two boys, Jacob and Levi, rolled over the bridge on the way to Monument Valley Park just on the east side of the interstate. They were a bit far to the left for the leading lines to work effectively, so I had to adjust my composition as they approached.

They were surprised I was there taking photos, but pleased as well.

One thing I’ve learned from photographing strangers is that they may tell you “don’t take my picture,” they’ll be straightening their hair as they do so.

People are actually flattered when you do.

Thank you for reading and visiting.

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography

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