From “Sky Fire” to the Real Me: Time to Brand Myself

“The only constant in the universe is change”

It’s been a long time coming. Everyone knows me by my nickname. It’s just how it is.

Family, friends, acquaintances, and even editors I’ve never met, call me Pablo. Not to mention how tired I was getting explaining the whole “Sky Fire” phrase. It was getting tedious.

My new logo. I've used the cowboy hats forever.

The whole reason I chose Sky Fire was due a simple fact that the name I wanted, Northern Lights, was taken. Ironically, in Seattle of all places. Northern Lights Photography is a Seattle wedding and portrait photography studio.

So I researched what the local Native Americans called the Northern Lights.

My brother-in-law Kurt is part Native American. He did not know so I asked his mother. His mom looked for me but could really find anything.

Then I discovered website. On the Legends and Folklore of the Northern Tribes page, it states:

“The Makah Indians of Washington State thought the lights were fires in the Far North, over which a tribe of dwarfs, half the length of a canoe paddle and so strong they caught whales with their hands, boiled blubber.”

Gone. Over time, this became a tad boring.

After confirming with a few locals on what the natives called them, I decided on Sky Fire Photography.

Then came the design and branding of this company. Designing business cards, buying domain names, creating a watermark, etc. A lot of work.

Then the questions started: “What’s Sky Fire?” “Why that name?” “How’d you come up with that?”

The questions tapered off after a while, but I still had to explain what it was. Even to this day I was being asked the question.

So after discussing this with my girlfriend, I began feeling it was time to change it to what people know me as.

It began to feel like a different entity altogether. I didn’t feel any connection.

My gallery header. I like the crispness of the new design.

Yeah, they were my photos, it was my work and creativity, but it wasn’t me. It was cool at first, but there was something missing. Overtime, the gap of disconnection became wider.

To fuel the fires of change, I’ve been reading a few LinkedIn discussions on this exact subject: “Should I use my own name, or another name?” Pretty much the consensus is use your own name. Especially if it is just you in the business.

So, in the past week, I took the plunge and began the process of crossing over. I bought the domain name, and began morphing from Sky Fire to Pablo Conrad.

My new logo is cleaner and more apparent in both dark and light backgrounds. It is due partly because it's less crowded and better design.

Time to brand myself and know that when people see a photo with my logo, they know it’s from me. With Sky Fire, there’s no personality, no connection.

Sky Fire is out, Pablo Conrad is in.

Stop by my freshly branded website: Pablo Conrad Photography (

Time to get back to the old me.

Time for the real me.


  1. The new branding is a brainchild you’ve been mulling over for a while now and I’m so glad you took the plunge !! it looks amazing , and the name just sings !! it was a wise choice and i believe that it with your massive talent will take you to heights you never thought possible !!


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