14/365 Foto del Dia: Carnation in Snow

When walking around the Veteran’s Memorial at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colo., I spent the time documenting the other memorials for the different services.

A Carnation in the Snow. Representing the lives lost through the sands of time in the defense of our nation.

Semper Fi: The Marine's Memorial.

Being a Navy veteran, I was looking for something more than just shots of the structures and sculptures. I always remember the times I had in the Navy. I always remember my close friends.

The Five Branches of the Service unite to form a single force in defense of Freedom.

Then I noticed several wreaths lying on the ground. Their flowers have long been dead. Placed probably during the last Veteran’s Day ceremony.

On the ground was a single red carnation against the starkness of the pure white snow.

To me it is representing the blood shed on the sands of Iraq or Afghanistan. The port of Beruit, Lebanon. The shores of Khe San, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Montezuma, the Delaware River, and any other place where a soldier lost his or her life in defense of this nation.


    1. Thank you Sweetpea.

      It’s amazing when photographers stop just to look around and actually see what’s near. Look up, look down, look near, look far. Find the angle that’s beyond pedestrian.


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