Foto del Dia- 10/365 Using Subtleties to Choose the Photo

While editing today’s Foto del Dia, it turned out to be a lesson in editing. Looking over the finer points of each photo will help you choose one over the other. However, it can be tough sometimes.

Shopping for fruits & veggies at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Wash.

Before going to last night’s Seattle SMUG Meet-Up, I stopped by Pike Place Market for some chocolate spaghetti. I took my cameras along in case I saw something to shoot.

As was the usual case, I did. A woman shopping for fruits and vegetables caught my eye. The way she interacted with the sellers was nice, as was all the neon behind her. It seemed to flow together.

I tried some up close shots with a wide, but the image was too cluttered with unnecessary elements. Moving further back and using a telephoto really cleaned it up. But, I was too short. People were getting in my way making it tough to see her.

Zooming in, I noticed the subtleties of each photo. Photo 2 was my choice.

The owner of the food stand I was standing next to was nice and lent me a milk crate on which to stand. even though it was only a foot or so higher, it really helped. I was able to keep the people in front block my view.

So I composed the photo while paying extra attention to the edges of the frame. One thing I liked was the sign in the upper left that said “Food.”

As my main subject was the woman shopping, most of my concentration was on her. I watched as she picked and chose what she wanted. Interesting gestures. Then another woman came up and was watching her as well.

The situation lasted several moments and then both left. It was fun to watch the progression. Fun to watch the interaction between her and the fruit vendors.

So onto my SmugMug Meet-up at the Seattle Center. As I had some time, I downloaded the images and began editing. I cam across these two images. The composition is almost identical, but there are subtle differences in the two women.

Do I choose the one where her arm is more fully extended? or the one where you can see more of the face of the woman in the lower left? Then zooming in, I chose the final image (Photo 2).

With her arm more extended, her hand is in front of a dark background. Also, her expression is better. She looks more decisive. More adamant about what she wants.

The fact of the word “food” not being fully visible is a minor issue to me. The expression is what I wanted in the photo and I believe is most important.

Sometimes you have to choose minor details over others.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. another great lesson in editing !! thank you for the great advice ! i understand the feeling about the word Food in the photo HOWEVER i also like the feel of this photo with the F kinda cut off .. i know my eye isnt very trained i just love the way it pulls my eye to the edge of the photo so i dont miss anything.

    and on a side note …. mmmmmm chocolate pasta hehe i cant wait !!!
    i ❤ u


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