6/365 Trolling for Photos & Screwing Around

As I continue my quest to fulfill my challenge, I ran across these tourist taking their photo at the Fremont Troll under the Aurora Parkway bridge in Fremont.

4/365 Capturing a moment while at the Fremont Troll in Seattle, Wash.

Earlier today, I went around with Seattle SMUG co-organizer Earnie Glazener to check out new spots for our monthly meeting. The Seattle Center was nice, but some of the regular participants had safety concerns. Sometimes the meetings went on until past 10 p.m.

We stopped by the University Heights Community Center in the U-District of Seattle. Nice big room with wonderful window to let the light in. Beautiful old elementary school building with refinished flooring. Good parking and close to restaruants. Nice place overall.

Seattle SMUG big cheese Earnie Glazener plays with his lens baby to get some good bokeh.

Then we went to Mosaic Coffee House located in the Seattle First Church. This was the clear winner once we saw the meeting room. Big and roomy, the coffee house is open until 9 p.m., and the parking is right next door.

The big bonus is that it is rent free. And being on a limited budget, this would suit the group’s needs quite well.

But the BIG plus: It’s right behind a Dick’s Drive-In on 45th in Wallingford (Thanks to John Conrnicello for the correction). Oh yeah.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. love the shots !! i LOVE the Troll !! its awesome to see how you can find amazing photos anywhere you just have to have your eyes open like you always do .. another lesson im learning from you … mmm Dicks for dinner .. April hum i think i know a girl that will be moving to Seattle around that time that would like to join your meet ups 🙂


  2. Hey Paul!! So good to see your work here! Hope all is well!!! You’ve got some INTERESTING pictures here, that Troll is ‘out of this world’!!
    Just a side note, I am married to a childhood sweetheart, met her because of Liss! So sorry you didn’t make the memorial service, I was lookin’ forward to seein’ you!!


    1. Thanks Homer.

      good to see you around. It was a frustrating day when the Jeep broke down. It was a cooling fan blade that broke and hit the transmission line. Easy fix, but it kept me from seeing you guys.


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