12 months + 12 photos = A Year of Fun

The Space Needle looms over daffodils at the Seattle Center in downtown Seattle, Wash.

Well, another year rolled into the grave of history.

Another year of shooting, editing, traveling, and frustration.

Marcus Fire plays the didjiridoo at Pike's Place Market in downtown Seattle, Wash.

All this and I have to pick 12 of my favorite photos of the year.

Sunsets, chess players, beaches, and a bizarre Christmas eve experience.

So without any further ado, I now share my gems, or lumps of coal, with you.

Floats in Elliot Bay near downtown Seattle.

Rev. Darnell Jenkins performs the Midnight Mass at the Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle, Wash.

A boy runs through the International Fountain at the Seattle Center.

Old refinery structure at Gasworks Park in Seattle, Wash., glow under the cities lights.

Rico Gallegos of Old Colorado City, Colo., ponders his next move while playing chess at Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City.

The Identity Sculpture at the Denver Technology Center in Denver.

Dew drops line a spider's web like pearls on a sting near Tulalip, Wash.

My nephew Frederick takes a break from playing Halo 3.

A starfish suns on a Puget Sound beach south of Carkeek Park in Seattle, Wash.

A homeless man leans against a wall on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver, Colo.


Traffic crawls along the northbound lanes on I-5 in Seattle, Wash., as seen from the N. 117th Street bridge near Northgate.

The Smith Tower in downtown Seattle, Wash.

A pair of lovers at a beach on Camano Island during an August sunset.

The Space Needle and St. Spridon Church in Seattle, Wash.

Steel Tigers of Death play at Neumo's on capitol hill in Seattle, Wash.

Boats at the Everett Marina north of Seattle, Wash., are lit by the setting sun.

A man feeds gulls at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Wash.

A brilliant sunset overlooks a herd of sheep at dinner time in the western Washinton county of Snohomish.

Well, I said 12m but it was harder to edit than I anticipated. Oh well, thanks for viewing.


  1. A really nice selection Paul, beautiful work. I tried to pick my favourite but I cannot, so I can see why the task was difficult for you to choose yours. It would be between the portrait of your nephew, smith tower, and snohomish. Congrats on a great year!


  2. Wonderful collection, Paul. I particularly like the simplicity of pattern in the “Floats”, the emphasis of diagonals in the “Identity Sculpture”, the emotion conveyed in the “homeless man”, and the delicacy of the dew on the spider web.

    I’ll look forward to future posts.


    1. Hi Bronson,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comments.

      Hope my posts are enlightening, entertaining, and educational.

      Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year.


  3. Your Amazing Uncle Paul! Love your work! I want a big copy of the Dew Drops on the spider web…. AWESOME! Happy New Year!


  4. great choices ! some of my fav pics of yours made the cut ! woot !! you have had a great year in photography Paul and its just gonna get better.. your ability to shoot anything from a sunset or leaf to the deep thought in a persons face is one of your greatest assets not to mention your wonderful use of light .. keep up the good work . watching you produce such quality work makes me so proud i cant wait to see what your gonna shoot in 2011 and cant wait to be there for it !


    1. Thanks Jacob for visiting and the kind remarks.

      It was hard shooting that one, the camera was almost in the puddle upside down.

      Have a great trip to Oz.


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