To Hell With the Car: I’m Going to go Shoot!

A couple walks down one of the docks at the Everett Marina in Everett, Wash.

Yesterday, I picked up a part for my niece’s car. A simple spring used to tighten the timing belt tensioner. Before leaving, I loaded up my gear just in case I saw something I wanted to shoot.

As is usually the case, when you don’t have your gear, something spectacular happens right in front of you. I’ve always hated when that happens. So gear goes in the car first, then laptop, then me.

I headed through Everett and as I was driving down Marine View Drive, looked at the marina and said to my self: ” I need to go shoot that someday.”

It was about 4 when I picked up the parts and headed back through Everett. I took a slight detour to the Everett Marina. The water on the east side was smooth as glass so I decided to shoot a few photos. As I was shooting, I could tell the sunset would be spectacular.

So a quandary reared it’s ugly head: I have to fix my niece’s car, but I wanted to stay and shoot sunset.

The answer was simple indeed: Too hell with the car, stay and have fun shooting. Sorry Ashley, your car will have to wait another day.

Sunset was still an hour a half away. So I walked around the docks and shot. And the result is what you see here: a fun 3 hours of shooting.

Enjoy the images as I get greasy fixing Ashley’s car.

The setting sun casts its glow upon the boats at the marina.

A gull on the dock at the Everett Marina.

The sun begins its descent behind the Cascade Range as seen from Everett.

Two days from full, the moon rises above the masts of boats at the marina.

The sun takes one last peek to the East before heading to bed behind the Cascade Mountains in western Washington.

The last glow of the sky above the docks at the Everett Marina

Thanks for stopping by

Paul Conrad

Pablo Conrad Photography


  1. Nice post, Pablo,
    Great example of Life continually getting in the way of creativity. And, of how we allow this to happen.
    I love shooting the marina and wharfs of Cape Cod. They have a unique light that seems to be peculiar to itself. After looking at your images, I’ll have to pencil in a time to come out and see what images I can make.


    1. Awesome. I’d love to see you when you do make your way out here George.

      Thanks for the nice comments.

      And yes, too many people let life get in the way of their shooting. Which is fine, but if this is deep in your soul, then your are just starving yourself.

      Thanks George.


  2. once again stunning shots.. these are the best yet ! once again great advice .. dont just look out the window and say ” what a cool shot that would be.” Jump out and shoot it !! i think i will 🙂


    1. I know a lot of photographers that look out the window as they’re driving by and just say: “That would be a cool shot.”
      Thanks for the kind words and words of encouragement.


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